It's In Our Nature

At Amala, nature thrives, research reigns, and precision is expected. Each and every product represents our conscientious values of unparalleled precision.


Amala leans on a decades-long legacy of dedication to excellence that is rooted in Germany’s Alpine region, an area known for meticulous craftsmanship and detail. Every formula is brought to life with traceable whole plant ingredients and boosted by bio-active compounds, then handcrafted in small batches to ensure the integrity of our carefully selected ingredients. 

Each one of our scientific formulations is painstakingly designed not only to deliver high-performance efficacy but a sensory experience to be enjoyed and savored. 

With rigorous third-party testing and dedication to exceed industry regulations, our exacting standards can be experienced in every product, empowering you to achieve the results you expect – without compromise.


Our products combine innovative formulation with strict methodology to ensure consistent results. Efficacy is found through complexity - each formula is biochemically engineered to amplify the concentration of a thoughtfully composed ingredient list. Our bio-fermented pre+probiotics are found in every product, an active agent that adapts to each individual’s skin.

Red Algae


From sourcing to preservation, our 100% natural plant extracts, seed oils and bio-ferments are maximized to their full potential by ultra-concentrated formulations that work. Our mineral complexes revitalize the skin, pre+probiotic infusions supercharge formulas to boost absorption, and our preservation system leverages fermentation to ensure sustainable durability. The quality of our ingredients lay a foundation for formulations that are rich, potent and trustworthy.


Perhaps inspired by the grandeur of the Alps, German chemists and botanists were amongst the earliest practitioners of harnessing the abundance of the natural world through modern scientific practice. Our roots are grounded in this tradition of ingenuity- the formation of the organic movement, dedicated pioneering biochemical research, and a connection with nature that honors the vitality of the region.

Body of water with forest and mountains behind it
Woman receiving head massage


The quality and distinction of our regimen was first validated in the world’s most luxurious and discerning spas. For years Amala remained the private delight of a most selective audience. Through a sensorial ritual that honors the indulgence of spa culture, our premium product line finally offers excellence, hospitality and service in every bottle.